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Thursday, 24 May 2018
Main Grants and international relations

International relations

  N. Rybakov, J. Lomako, J. Zhyhar – passed training and undergraduate training in July - December 2006. at the Vienna University of Technology (Austria), where they did their degree projects, and currently work as researchers.
  Student Savchenko Y. - trained by the language grant in Austria, and now is a post graduate student at the Technical University, USA.
W. Rupp, Chirkov DV, Atroshchenko K. – Paduya University (Italy) - postgraduate students.
Mykulina O. works at the Canadian Academy of Sciences (Ottawa), Canada.
Barsukov MI works at the U.S. energy company (USA).
Fateeva K. teaches at the University of Lyon (France).
Master Romanytsya I - studies at the University of Le Mans (France).
    In 2010 the National Secretary of Ukraine at the International electrochemical society (ISE) was elected Dr. Linyucheva O.V.
   Linyucheva O.V., Kushmyruk A.I., A.I. Bouquet, Kosohin O.V., Gerasimenko Y.S., Tkalenko D.A., Donchenko M.I., Vashchenko O., Shirak A., Bludenko A. Bystrytsky are members of the International electrochemical Society (ISE).

International Grants and Collaboration

   International grants - in the framework of Ukraine-Hungarian cooperation project was carried out "Research of the pulsed current and magnetic field influence on the formation of nanostructures of magnetic materials.
           Head - Donchenko M.I.

  On the Hungarian side a member of the project was the Institute of Chemistry and Material Technology of Budapest.

   Signed an international agreement with the German firm MSA AUER GmbH to produce minimized electrochemical gas sensors for environmental monitoring.
         Head - prof. Chviruk V.P., Dr. O. Linyucheva

  Signed an international agreement with French firm Detecta Services - Test of electrochemical sensors
         Head - Dr. O. Linyucheva

  Prof. Tkalenko D.A. co-executor of STCU project (from the Argonne Laboratory, USA).

    Supported close relations with the University of Bialostok (Poland) in the field of metal corrosion protection, Vienna Technical University and with institutions of CIS countries (Georgia, Russia, Belarus).
Running the Ukrainian-Belarusian project in metal corrosion protection.

   Together with the employees of the Faculty of Biotechnology the research of the influence of magnetic field (MP) on the electrode processes - including digestion of steel and nickel electrodeposition in sulphate and sulfamat electrolytes was conducted. In 2006 on this subject published three articles, one thesis report.

Cooperation with universities:

Shanghai University, prof.Huanh Yanchanh              China
Duyzburhskyy University, prof. Fried Beck                Germany
Ohio State University professor. O. Touvinen           U.S.
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, prof. Marian Yaskula  Poland
Univrsytet behalf Humbalta, Berlin, prof. Fritz Scholz  Germany
Orleans University, prof. Francois Betina                   France
Pozanska Polytechnic, Dr. Elzhbeta Fraskov'yak         Poland
Harbin Polytechnic Institute, Department TEHP       China
Wroclaw Polytechnic Institute prof.Yozef Kubytskyy Poland