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Thursday, 15 November 2018
Scientific work Scientific School

Scientific School

Founder of the school "Electrochemical Kinetics":
Antropov Lev Ivanovich, professor, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, USSR State Prize in Science and Technology, winner of the Prize. L. Pisarzhevskogo Honored Science USSR, Doctor of Science.

The School of L.I. Antropov received world recognition, two of the largest electrochemists Bokrys and Conway in review of electrochemistry progress included L.I. Antropov among the twelve scientists who created the foundation of electrochemistry and Kyiver electrochemical school to the most reputable in the world.

LI Antropov is the author of a number of fundamental developments on the kinetics of electrode processes, the structure of the electrical double layer, electrosynthesis of organic compounds electrocatalysis and metal protection from corrosion. Named after him φ-potential scale received international recognition and is still used in theoretical and applied electrochemistry.

Research School of electrochemical kinetics established in the 60's and 80's of XX century at the Department of Electrochemical Production Technology National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” by the Doctor of Chemistry, Professor LI Antropov (1913 - 1994) - an outstanding scientist with worldwide reputation, a prominent philanthropist and organizer of science.

Prof. LI Antropov Chair from 1960 to 1986, till 1994 he worked as a professor and a supervisor of the laboratory of applied electrochemical kinetics, organized by the department in 1962.

Main Releases: The methods for determining zero points of metals, adsorption phenomena and the role of surface charge of metal in the kinetics of electrode processes, metal corrosion inhibitors, methods and devices of corrosion control, chemical power source, contact exchange and electrochemical deposition of metals, alloys and composite materials.

Great importance had applied the School of chemical power sources, including lithium, technology of protective and decorative and functional electroplating coatings, synthesis of effective inhibitors of metal corrosion and its synergistic compositions, corrosion-measuring devices. In 80 years serial productions of corrosion-measuring equipment and eco-friendly battery-based anodes based on the developed inhibitors of chemical power sources was organized.

In the 90 years the production of gas sensors of oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, halogens and halohenovodniv, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and some others created by the Department of electrochemical has started.

Created at the Department sensors and sensor systems and corrosion-measuring equipment as a part of the work "Scientific bases and means of electrochemical methods to control environmental security and technological environments corrosive action" in 2002, were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (Chviruk VP ., Y. Gerasimenko and others).

LI Antropov was a talented teacher, a brilliant lecturer. Among his pupils - 2 academics, 2 corresponding members, 9 doctors and 50 PhD.

Scientific School

VP Chviruk- since 1986 Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, winner of Ukraine State Prize in Science and Technology, academician of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Head Doctor of the specialized academic council at the NTTU "KPI". Author of over 270 scientific papers, about 100 patents for inventions. He has prepared 12 PhD. By his development especially pure alkali production for the semiconductor and superconducting technology , technology of mercury removal from various substances and industrial equipment, resources and energy saving electrode materials for chloride industry were created. He founded a new scientific direction - the electrochemistry of solid systems with proton and matrix electrolytes and frameworks gas-diffusion electrodes. The result of this trend was the creation of a unified series of new generation gas sensors for monitoring environmental safety of the air. Based on the developed sensors instrumental plants of the Ukraine and other countries have mastered the production for various industries and utilities portable and fixed gas analyzers and multi-gas analytical systems, including remote diagnostics of sensor units that have no analogues in the world.

Linyucheva O.V. to 2008 Chair, Doctor of engineering, National Secretary of Ukraine at International Electrochemical Society (ISE) since 2010, Deputy Dean of Science (since 1999), member of the editorial boards of professional publications Science news of NTTU "KPI", "Water and water purification, gained the scholarship of Fellow Cabinet for Young Scientists (1997, 1998, 1999), "Teacher Researcher - 2008 "," Teacher Researcher – 2009 “. Author of 159 scientific works, including 19 patents of Ukraine, 1 patent of the Russian Federation, 15 methodical publications, 1 textbook approved by Ministry of Education of Ukraine. She is a specialist in the field of electrochemical gas sensors for environmental monitoring. She has been researching the corrosion behavior of gated metals and catalytic materials based on them. Focuses on studying the processes with electrocatalysis mediators.

Tkalenko DA – дDoctor of Science, member of the Scientific Council on Problem "Electrochemistry" NAS of Ukraine, member of the advisory council of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of specialized academic council at the KPI, the Scientific Council of the Inter-Agency Branch of Electrochemical Energy Sciences of Ukraine. Author of over 300 scientific papers, including 2 books: "Electrode Processes in nitrate melts" (1983) and "Macrokinetics potentials in hydroxide and nitrate melts" (1993) and 51 inventions. Co-author of "Encyclopedia of Materials"(section "electrolysis of ionic melts, IPMS). Specialist in the field of electrochemical kinetics, electrochemistry of ionic melts, electrochemical energy. The main achievement of his scientific activity is to identify patterns in macro-electrode processes of hydroxide and nitrate melts, development of theories of "cathodic dissolution of metals in ionic melts and aqueous solutions, chemical dissolution of metals, the improvement of electrochemical methods of electrode processes investigation, development of lithium power sources.

S. Gerasimenko – зthe head. of corrosion measurement sector, Doctor of engineering, State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Distinguished Scientist NTTU "KPI", Chair of the Ukraine Corrosion Association, member of advisory board of NAS of Ukraine, member of a specialized doctoral academic council in KPI. He has about 170 scientific papers, one monograph, more than 25 patents for inventions. He has trained 5 PhD. He created the modern theory of electrochemical methods of determining the corrosion rate of metals, and types of secondary devices designed to measure the polarization resistance. Developed a series of corrosion measurement instruments and corrosion protection units, organized their production and application in different industries and utilities, developed a new corrosion measurement method of double electrochemical polarization. Created a computerized system for remote monitoring of corrosion rate of metal pipes and equipment with the use of corrosion monitoring devices.

MI Donchenko – Professor, Doctor of engineering, Distinguished Scientist NTU "KPI" and head’s deputy in scientific work, a member of two doctoral academic councils at the NTTU "KPI". Author of 216 scientific publications including 15 patents for inventions, one scientific review. Received individual Soros grant for scientific development. Trained 5 PhD. She is a specialist in the field of electrodeposition of metals, metals corrosion protection, electrochemical production environment. Developed the theory of contact exchange of metals and methods of managing this process. Developed and implemented in several production processes of high-speed electrodeposition of metals using continuous and pulsed currents, especially the technology of electrochemical production of capillary-porous structures, which formed the basis for developing new highly efficient equipment for manufacturing polymer products using heat pipes.

I. Pogrebova – Professor, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Distinguished Lecturer KPI. She is an author of over 200 scientific and methodical works, including two scientific reviews, pamphlet, monograph, 27 patents on inventions. Trained 5 PhD. Teacher of the fundamentsl disciplines at the department. She is a well-known specialist in the field of corrosion and metal protection in Ukraine and abroad. She performed fundamental research on the theory of metal corrosion inhibitors, developed and implemented in production acid corrosion inhibitors, microbial corrosion and combined metal protection methods with inhibitors and diffusion coatings, improved chemical power sources, including established first mercury-free environmentally friendly production of manganese-zinc power cells.

At the department productively work students of LI Antropov
Prof. F. Fateev (metal corrosion protection),
Prof. VF Panasenko (metal corrosion protection),
Prof. Yatsyuk LA (zero point metals, Electroplating),
Prof. Hirh-Yalan I. F. (zero point metals, chemical power source),
Ph.D., senior scientist Oleynikov SL (chemical power sources)
these scientists and students: Ph.D., associate professor Motronyuk TI (Electroplating), Ph.D., senior scientist Sribna A.G. (Electroplating), Ph.D., associate professor Buket O.I. (sensors and sensor systems), Ph.D., teacher Kushmyruk AI (Sensors and sensor systems).

L I. Antropov carried great scientific and managerial activities: Head of the Section was "rust inhibitor" SCST of the USSR, member of editorial boards of journals (Corrosion Science, Electrochemistry, protection of metals, the head of delegations at international congresses, spoke with lecture series in educational and scientific centers in Poland, England, France, Italy, USA. The Department has become the main organization in the USSR in the field of metal corrosion inhibitors, coordinated the work in this direction within the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance socialist countries of Europe. For his fruitful scientific and pedagogical activities L.I. Antropov was awarded with orders and medals of the USSR.

LI Antropov has authored about 500 scientific publications. His extensive years of experience in scientific and educational work summarized in the textbook "Theoretical electrochemistry, which was published in Russian four times (1965, 1969, 1975, 1984), twice - in English and French, Chinese, Hungarian, and in 1993 – in Ukrainian language and is now a basic textbook for specialized educational institutions of Ukraine and CIS countries. For this tutorial LI Antropov was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (1975).

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