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Thursday, 24 May 2018
Educational activity CMSTQ

Complex monitoring of specialist training quality in NTUU “KPI”

Rating of the electrochemical technology department (EPTD) due to 20 survey tour (Fall 2015)

20 th tour place - 24

Specialty -
Technical Electrochemistry

Index - 7.05130103
Index of training quality (CMSTQ),% of max -

    * The basic formula in the 11 round of complex monitoring (Fall 2010) index of the training quality (CMSTQ) for each specialty is defined as the sum of indices: quality of residual knowledge due to Rector's control results (RC), diploma work (projects)quality, the quality of training based of survey of labor market data and the accumulation index.

Specialist’s training quality Index (STQI)

The method of calculation takes into account the use of basic subindicators:
- The level of professional training,
- The level of practical training,
- The level of modern information technology and software,
- The level of foreign language knowledge,
- Willingness to learn, enquire new professional skills.