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Thursday, 15 November 2018
Information for students Job placement


In 2017 the graduation of the specialty students was 14 persons: 9 masters and 5 specialists. 14 graduates of the department (100%) are employed.

At the training of graduates of the specialty 7 (8) .05130103 "Technical Electrochemistry" in 2017 at the department there are currently 20 agreements for cooperation and letters - inquiries. Graduates of the specialty 7 (8) .05130103 in 2017 are employed at such enterprises as SE "GosKKB" Luch ", PJSC" Interecoplast ", LLC" Hanthicor ", PP" Metal-Chemistry ", etc.

Employment of graduates was carried out on contracts, letters-requests (in the address "KPI Igor Sikorsky" or department), according to individual requests and certificates of graduates from the cities of their real work. For the purpose of employment of graduates of the specialty, the staff of the department conducted interviews with the heads of the organizations, meetings of students with representatives of different enterprises: PJSC "Ukrplastik", date of holding - 22.09.2016 (Deputy Head of the Board VG Grabovlyak), IBNH NAS of Ukraine, date of conducting - 10.10.2016 (head of department Pud O. A), PJSC "RivneAzot", date of carrying out - 11/23/2016 (starting department of personnel Grigoriev S.O.), Polymer-Color Ltd., Brovary city, Date of conducting - 20.12.2016 (commercial director Greduunova L.M.), State Enterprise "Antonov", branch "Serial Plant" Antonov ", date п Tracking - December 23, 2014 (head of the metallurgist Vyshnyak VA), State Enterprise Galvanotechnika »Kyiv Plant« Radar », date of holding - 12/23/2016 (director Sokolovsky MG), PJSC« Farm-Darnitsa », date of holding - March 23, 2017 and excursion of students of the specialty "Technical Electrochemistry" at the enterprise (head of the personnel department Lavrik O.V.).

Each year, students undergo technological or pre-diploma practice in a number of companies in Kyiv, such as GP: Galvanotechnika, Kyiv Radar Plant, Antonov, Antonov Serial Plant Branch, Radio Meter, Luch Distributor, OJSC "Meridian" named after S.P.Korolov, IZNKh and IVOHNK of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which allows them to get acquainted with the places of work in detail.

Today the database of enterprises - potential employers of the specialty 7 (8) .05130103 «Technical electrochemicals», which is submitted electronically to the address of the department of employment of graduates of the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, has been created at the department. It includes: 20 state-owned enterprises (including the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine); 26- LLC; 10 PP of Ukraine for the period 2016-2020.

Meetings of the students of the department of TECh with the employers of the following companies for the definition of the first workplace: PJSC "Ukrplastik", date of the event - 09.10.2017 (deputy head of the government, Grablyak V.I.), IBONH NASU, date of the event - 21.10.2017 (c Ph.D. Ohrimenko MV), PJSC "PharmDarynitsa", date of conducting - 11.22.2017 (head of personnel department Lavryk O.V.). During September-December 2017, the staff of the department held talks with future graduates on the state of the labor market and the need for specialists and vacancies at the enterprises. Collected information about the actual places of work of graduates of the Department of TEC in 2017, which were submitted electronically to the sector of assistance to the employment of graduates and the organization of student practice.