Fateev Yuri Fedorovich

Fateev Yuri Fedorovich
Associate Professor,
Honored Lecturer of KPI and "Faculty of Chemical Technology"
Member of the Methodical Council of KPI (Expert Council on Educational Publications)

In 1962 he graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He graduated from KPI in 1968. He has been working at the Department of Technical Engineering since 1968. In 1975 he defended his dissertation for the degree in the field of 02.00.64 - Physical Chemistry, topic: "Mechanism and kinetics of dissolution of aluminum in alkaline solutions"

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     Lecture courses:

  • Corrosion and protection of metals from corrosion,
  • Metal corrosion inhibitors.

Areas of research:

  • Investigation of electrode processes on aluminum in low-concentration aqueous and non-aqueous electrolyte solutions.
  • Investigation of metal corrosion in neutral and alkaline environments.
  • Development of methods for studying the corrosion resistance of protective anode coatings on aluminum and contact corrosion of metals.

tel.: + 38 044 204 9734
e-mail: y.fatyeyev@kpi.ua