Distance Learning

Introduction to the specialty
SECTION 1. Subject and content of electrochemistry
SECTION 2. Electrochemistry in the field of material production
SECTION 3. Chemical resistance of materials
SECTION 4. Prospects for the development of electrochemistry

Вступ до фаху / Introduction to the specialty

РОЗДІЛ 1. Предмет та зміст електрохімії
РОЗДІЛ 2. Електрохімія в сфері матеріального виробництва
РОЗДІЛ 3. Хімічний опір матеріалів
РОЗДІЛ 4. Перспективи розвитку електрохімії

Chemical experiment technique
Topic 2.3. Measurement of the volume and density of a substance
Topic 2.4. Determination of temperature and its regulation
Topic 2.5. Heating and cooling of substances and their mixtures

Chemical experiment technique
Methodical instructions for laboratory work

Laboratory work 1. Work with laboratory utensils
Laboratory work 2. Work with scales and weighing
Laboratory work 3. Measurements in laboratory practice
Laboratory work 4. Work with measuring utensils
Laboratory work 5. Preparation of solutions of different concentrations
Laboratory work 6. Determination of density and concentration of solutions
Laboratory work 7. Determination of electrode potentials
Laboratory work 8. Work with gases in the laboratory

Chemical experiment technique
Methodical recommendations for course work

Requirements for content and structure
Design rules
List of topics to perform
Defense of course work

Production of chemical products by electrolysis
Methodical recommendations for course work

Requirements for the content of the course work
Requirements for the structure of the course work
Rules of registration of course work
Defense of course work
Rating system for assessing learning outcomes
List of topics to perform