Motronyuk Tetyana Ivanivna

Motronyuk Tetyana Ivanivna
Associate Professor

In 1972 she graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. He has been working at the Department of Technical Engineering since 1978. In 1989 she defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in the direction of 05.17.03 - Electrochemical production.

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According to the results of scientific research, 5 patents, 32 articles and 138 abstracts were published.

Lecture courses:

  • Technical electrochemistry, section "Fundamentals of processes of deposition and dissolution of metals";
  • Hydroelectrometallurgy and electroplating.

Scientific research:

  • development of ecologically safe technologies of electrodeposition of metals and the decision of ecological problems of galvanic productions;
  • research in the field of electroplating in order to improve the quality of copper coatings, increase the scattering capacity of copper electrolytes using non-stationary electrolysis, suppression of contact exchange, intensification of electrodeposition of metals, passivation of metals to increase their corrosion resistance.

Participated in the development of new types of chemical power sources.

Scientific Secretary of the Specialized Academic Council D 26.002.13 for the defense of doctoral and candidate dissertations in the following specialties:
05.17.01 - technology of inorganic substances,
05.17.03 - technical electrochemistry,
05.17.14 - chemical resistance of materials and corrosion protection,
05.17.21 - water treatment technology.


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