Master's theses 2021

Specialty 161- Chemical technologies and engineering .
Specialization - Electrochemical technologies of inorganic and organic materials
Group XE-91MN

Schedule of master's theses beginning at 10-00, audience 

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Theme of the master's dissertation

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Aksonova Olga 

«Electrochemical behavior of silicon in etching solutions of hydrofluoric and nitric acids»

Acting head of
the department,
Ph.D., Professor
Gerasimenko Yu.S.


Burlachuk Artur 


«Electrochemical synthesis of methyl 2,5-dimethoxy-2,5-dihydrofuran-2-carboxylate»

Associate Prof.,Ph.D.,
Kosohin OV


Andriychuk Oleksiy 


"Polarization resistance sensor for monitoring the corrosiveness of the air environment"

Associate Prof.,Ph.D., Buket O.I.