List of publications of the department in 2021

Articles included in the international scientometric database Scopus:

1  Mykola Gomelya, Mariia Tverdokhlib, Tetyana Shabliy, Olga Linyucheva Usage of Sorbent-Catalyst to Accelerate the Oxidation of Manganese. - Journal of Ecological Engineering 2021, 22(4), 232–239 ISSN 2299–8993, License CC-BY 4.0

2. Mykola Gomelya, Mariia Tverdokhlib, Tetyana Shabliy, Vyacheslav Radovenchik, Olga Linyucheva Sorbent-Catalyst for Acceleration of the Iron Oxidation Process  - Journal of Ecological Engineering 2021, 22(3), 221–230 ISSN 2299-8993, License CC-BY 4.0 

3.  Vorobyova, V.I., Vasyliev, G.S., Pylypenko, I.V. et al. Preparation, characterization, and antibacterial properties of “green” synthesis of Ag nanoparticles and AgNPs/kaolin composite. Appl Nanosci (2021).